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Mold infestation is a common problem facing both commercial and residential properties. If left unattended to, mold infestation will worsen overtime causing serious health complications. Additionally, severe mold infestation is also expensive to remediate. Early detection ensures that your home is quickly and in expensively restored to normalcy hence the need for mold inspection. A mold inspection is a thorough and exhaustive search of mold or mold vulnerable areas in a building. Here are some situations when a mold inspection is necessary.

1) Visual presence of mold

2) Persistent and unexplainable allergic reactions such as coughing, sneezing, running nose and itching eyes.

3) To ascertain that there is no existing mold or moisture problem in a building you are planning to acquire.

What you should know about mold inspection.

1) Mold inspection should be carried out by a professional mold inspector equipped with formal training, experience and specialized equipment. Professionals know what to look for, how to look for it at the appropriate places. Mold inspection is not a simple DIY project because as a layman you have no idea what to look out for.

2) Mold inspections need to analyze both past and current mold issues. Past mold issues are important as they indicate that there may be an underlying or recurring contributing factor.

3) Mold inspections should be thoroughly and exhaustively done. An inspection should look for mold inside walls, within the building and on all the equipment within a building.

4) Mold inspection should also be done on the air in and around a building. This will ensure that the remediation efforts deal with the microscopic mold spores that may be present in the air.

5) Some mold growths are perfectly normal and pose no detrimental structural issues or health complications. Such mold is only removed and requires no series remediation efforts.

6) Mold inspection must involve the testing of all the mold subtypes found in the building to ascertain the kind of mold. There are different kinds of molds each with different growth environment and effects on humans and the environment in general By having a clear idea of the mold that they are dealing with, an inspector will be able to know what remediation techniques to use and restorative efforts to implement.

7) Mold inspection should be focused on verifying the sources of moisture that aid in mold growth.


Mold remediation is essentially the restoration of mold levels to normal non-toxic levels that do not have hazardous repercussions. As qualified mold Restoration Company we understand that a guarantee to completely remove mold is a fallacy. This is because mold spores are microscopic pores that naturally exist in our environment at all times and a virtually impossible to completely remove. Mold Remediation Contactors is equipped with professionals who have the necessary training and expertise needed to remediate toxic mold in both business and home residences. Mold remediation is a process that has several stages all aimed at mold removal and restoration of mold levels to normalcy.

Mold Remediation Process

Every mold infestation scenario is distinct and requires a unique solution. Here is a brief rundown of a typical mold remediation process used by Mold Remediation Contractors.

Step 1

The mold remediation process starts immediately you contact Mold Remediation Company. A representative will require some basic information to have a clue of the extent of damage. This helps us determine the personnel, resources and equipment needed to restore a building to normalcy. It is advisable that you call us as soon as you fear there might be mold at a building. This is because the earlier the situation is dealt with the lesser the damaging effects.

Step 2

Thorough mold damage assessment and inspection of the extent of mold infestation

Our experts will survey your residence and intricately inspect it for any visible sign of mould infestation. Mold can sometimes be hidden from plain sight. Therefore the professionals we send are equipped with state-of-the-art technology which helps find mold that may be hidden in water sources.

Step 3

Containment to avoid further spread of mold

Before anything else we contain the situation to ensure that the mold infestation situation does not get out of hand. Some feasible mold containment techniques include;

1) Installation of negative air chambers which prevent mold spores from spreading to unaffected areas.

2) Requesting clients to discontinue the use of air conditioners and fans which further spread the microscopic mold spores. Although this might be uncomfortable, it is one of the most reliable means of stopping further spread of molds.

Step 4

Filtration of the air infested by mould

Professionals then use specialized equipment to capture microscopic mold particles in the air. Although it is impossible to get rid of all molds spores, this equipment is effective and removes large amounts of the microscopic mold spores.

Step 5

Actual mold removal and getting rid of mold infested materials

After ascertaining the mold infested areas, our professionals will use efficient, tested and proven antimicrobial and antifungal supplies to eliminate mold colonies. In extreme cases of toxic mold accumulation, it may be necessary to get rid of severely damaged materials or opt for extreme restorative and preventative measures.

Step 6

Overall cleaning of the entire building

After ridding a building of mold, our professional will clean all items they consider susceptible to molds. This clean-up process is professionally done using specially designed anti-mold cleaning supplies which efficiently sanitize every inch of a building.

Step 7

Restorative efforts

After careful analysis of the extent of damage and the potential of recurrence, our experts will recommend some measures to ensure that your residence is mold free. Extreme restorative measures include removal of subfloors, decorative items, dry wall and other building material that have mold or are vulnerable to molds. In extremely severe cases, our experts may advise the reconstruction of particular sections of a building that are heavily infested with molds.

Champion Disaster Restoration offers reliable and efficient mold restoration services which ensure the mold levels return back to normal. Additionally we aim at significantly reducing the chances of a recurring situation.

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