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When most people look at a wet carpet they just see something that will be a nuisance to clean. The sad truth is that a wet carpet can become a massive trap for mold, mildew, and other nasty forms of water damage. Whether you have had a plumbing problem or have had to deal with nasty weather making its way into your home, a wet carpet should not be considered a small problem, especially if you have allowed the moisture to stay locked in the carpet from days on end. The spores from mold that grows on the carpet can make your family extremely sick if you are not careful.


You need to put the carpet through an initial cleanup. This is where you would remove any excess water that may remain in the carpet. You should use towels to soak up any remaining water. This should be done quickly. You should also use fans or blow dryers in order to speed up the process of drying. If you are worried about not being able to thoroughly clean up the carpet then call our experts at Champion Damage Restoration.

Removing the Carpet

If you call us in we will completely remove the carpet and inspect it in order to see just how much moisture the carpet has absorbed. We will even test the floor in case the flooring has absorbed moisture. If the floor has absorbed moisture then there is a good chance that some structural damage was done. If you want to make the job of removing excess water from the area easier then you can utilize fans and dehumidifiers. This will help dry the area out in a more timely manner.

Restoring Your Carpet

After the removal and drying of the wet carpets it will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with a carpet shampooer and mold eliminating treatments. A regular store bought or rented shampooer will have a hard time getting through every layer of the carpeting so it’s a good idea to let us do that for you for a professional clean. Making sure that the carpets are completely dry before replacing is important as moisture will allow more mold to grow and essentially kick start your problems over again. Sanitizing your carpets will also allow us to make sure there are no musty odors left over from the mold and water damage. Once the carpet is entirely restored it can be placed back where it belongs.

At Champion Disaster Restoration we do everything we can in order to ensure that our professionalism and expertise are put to work guaranteeing your carpets are fully restored and water damage free. We’ll make sure the carpets are fully dried and that all mold and debris are removed. We fully believe in putting the carpets through a rigorous mold test before replacing them ensures that there isn’t any remaining mold and that your carpets are safe for you and your loved ones to resume using.