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Sewage backup may sound like the kind of problem that would only be a nasty smelling inconvenience but the truth is far worse. Sewage backup can lead to a wide myriad of problems that come in the form of stains, water damage, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and fungus. Raw, untreated sewage in your home can lead to a nasty number of negative effects on the health on the people in your home or business.

Children And Pets Are More Susceptible

One of the biggest problems with having sewage in your home or workplace is the fact that pets and children tend to touch everything they encounter. This can cause not only a spreading of the sewage and bacteria, it can make them incredibly sick. Pets tend to walk across contaminated areas and carry the sewage on their paws, spreading it. Then they will lick themselves, which causes them to ingest all of the nasty bacteria.

Leave Sewage Backup Cleaning To Professionals

There are many who would encounter a problem such as sewage backup and would decide to take on the cleanup process as their own DIY project. The problem with this mentality is that cleaning up raw sewage is not sanitary and it needs to be handled by a professional. Bringing in a professional is the only way to ensure that the cleanup is thorough and safe. Do not put your home’s condition and your family’s health on the line over you taking on a DIY job.

Choose Champion Over Other Restoration Companies

Having a sewage backup problem can literally backup your entire life. It’s hard to get anything done with such a huge problem on your hands. That’s why we’ve made ourselves available to you 24/7 so that no matter what time of the year or day you can get a hold of someone that can fix your problems in a time and cost effective manner. Our diligent and caring technicians are certified and fully licensed with many years of experience in this field. With the safety of your family in question why would you trust anyone but the very best?

With thousands upon thousands of hours of sewage backup and cleanup jobs on our resume you can be 100% sure we’re the team for your sewage disaster restoration job. Serving the entirety of the Tamp area with years of pride, dignity, and experience we want to help you fix your sewage problems as quickly as possible.

Raw sewage can be dangerous and the pathogens can even become airborne. Without the right protective gear you or your families health could be at risk. Because of this, our technicians are certified and licensed to use the proper kinds of gear for safely taking care of your sewage backup issues.

Home Owner's Insurance May Cover It

Often someone who has no experience with sewage disasters will try to save money by doing the job themselves or hire someone with little to no experience. This can very often make the problem even more dangerous and end up costing you even more time and money.

Sewage Backup restoration is almost always covered by your homeowners insurance so there should be absolutely no reason to try and do this yourself. It’s better to call in an expert like us that can make sure the job is done properly. Just make sure to keep any pictures and your reciepts to provide proof of service to your insurance company.

If there are any items like carpets, bedding, furniture, toys, or anything else that cannot be saved by a professional cleaning be sure to keep a running list with pictures. We’ll be able to expertly tell you whether something can or cannot be saved with professional cleaning

For example, most major appliances an usually be saved. That along with us being able to save most furniture and disinfect walls, baseboards, ceilings, and floors, should be reason enough to call us.

Let us help you make this experience less stressful. With all of our equipment and experience put to work for you we’ll have your life back on track in no time at all. Give us a call today.