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So you found out you had a mold problem and dealt with it swiftly? Water damage gone? Not so fast. What many people don’t know when it comes to water damage are the nasty after surprises of bacteria and germs. Even if you didn’t suffer from mold afterward the areas that were damaged still need to be cleaned and disinfected so that the area is safe for use once again. If left unclean these areas can pose a very large health risk to anyone exposed. Complete disinfection and sanitizing are vital to returning your home to normal.

Calling The Experts For Help

Calling an expert should be the very first step in this process. Having someone doing the work who knows what they’re doing and has all of the necessary equipment is very important. You do not want someone working on your home or business who will leave it in worse shape than it already is. An expert will know exactly what needs to be done and in what way. This can save you quite a bit of money, time, and piece of mind.

In addition to knowing how to do the job properly, an expert will also have access to the proper tools that mean the job will be done completely and in a time effective manner. Utilizing industrial grade machines and equipment is not something you can do on your own. These tools reach deeper, clean better, and work faster than anything you can rent or buy from a store. An expert is the only real option for this kind of heavy machinery.

Taking Stock Of The Damage

Detecting the damage that may be hidden in walls, under carpets, or in attics is very hard to do (if not impossible) without the proper equipment. A certified expert can come in and take a torogh look at the area to assess what damage there is and give you a realistic quote on what needs to be done to return your home or business back to normal.

Cleaning It Up

It can not be understated how important the cleanup process is. If even one small patch of mold is left behind it can turn into a full blown infestation again in a very short time. Cleaning and the disinfecting will get rid of all of the problems and help with the nasty and musty smells that the mold may have caused. We realize that your family has to use this home once we’re finished and we want it to be up to standard in safety, comfort, and reliability. This means cleaning everything from top to bottom including the baseboards, furniture, ceilings, and carpets to make sure everything is spotless.

Disinfecting Everything

After all of the main mold and damage has been cleared out of your home it must be disinfected. Only after your home has been disinfected is your home safe enough for re-entry. Your home could look clean but it could still be harboring nasty bacteria that can be harmful. Strong cleaning agents are used in order to remove the remaining bacteria. We even employ the use of a fogging system that fills the room with an EPA-registered fog that can kill the majority of the bacteria in your home.